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Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them... the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them... the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.

Church Consultations:

  • 75 minute consultation call with CEO and Founder, Elizabeth Pratt, M.A.T
  • Identify the greatest need or your goal in the church
  • Develop a customized plan of action specific to your student’s needs
  • Receive a plan of action to work your solution
  • Post consultation call with Elizabeth Pratt, M.A.T

GIMO’S CEO and Founder has 14 years of experience as youth and children’s chair to deliver community and outreach programming to help young people initiate and develop their relationship in Jesus Christ

Is your church welcoming & inclusive for families of children with disabilities?
  • Customize plan to increase inclusiveness of the church to families with students with disabilities.
  • Consider spiritual VALUE children with disabilities offer.
  • Help make the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST accessible to children with disabilities AND their families.
  • Provide workshops to help your church staff understand various disabilities and possible barriers to learning.
  • Empower church ministry staff with targeted strategies, interventions, and disciplines to implement within ministry spaces.
  • Assist with planning & implementation of outreach opportunities for families and children/youth with disabilities.

Workshops/Speaking Engagements

GIMO Consulting offers high-quality and engaging professional development sessions to train school staff on a variety of topics related to special education and inclusive practices. Our sessions are customized to meet the unique needs of each school and can be delivered in a variety of formats, including in-person or virtual sessions.

GIMO Consulting speaks at your event and delivers an engaging message to inspire change and awareness.

Prepare your church staff to identify and utilize teaching strategies and interventions in the church classrooms

Disability Awareness

Church leadership and staff reflect on special education within the walls of the church and their role in planting Gospel sees within the hearts of students with disabilities.

Children's Ministry Strategies for Students with Disabilities

Identify strategies to use in Sunday school, Bible study, and Children's church for students with disabilities

Accommodations & Modifications

Identify how to adapt your children's church lesson to include students with disabilities.


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GIMO Consulting values providing personalized services based upon our clients' needs. As such consultations may vary and as a result all appointments are by appointment only. This allows GIMO Consulting to serve our clients' educational needs.

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