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Is your child receiving the services and supports he/she needs in school? Do you want your concerns to be addressed by the school? Do you need help communicating your concerns to the IEP team?

GIMO Consulting wants to help parents determine their next steps in receiving the services their child needs. There is no need to feel anxious or defensive during IEP meetings. We help you navigate the process and feel confident and empowered.

Individual Consultations Include: Individual Consultations Include:
  • Consultation Call
  • Post consultation call 
  • Thorough review your document with you and answer your questions.
  • Written IEP Review & Recommendations plan.
  • Plan of action to work your solution.
  • Develop a customized plan specific to your student’s needs.
  • Reflect on current laws, policies and procedures to develop a plan of action.


Is it time for an IEP review for your child?  Do you have education documents and need insight on how it relates to your child and their growth and development? Let GIMO Consulting review your child’s IEP and help you understand the various components with our document review package.

You Receive:

  • Recorded Zoom consultation that is made available to you  after our meeting.
  • We thoroughly review your document with you and answer your questions.
  • You will receive a written IEP Review & Recommendations plan.
  • (Note: You will need to email your documents a week in advance of the scheduled meeting date to [email protected]
Our Services for Parents Our Services for Parents
  • We attend IEP meetings to support parents.
  • We review your child’s Individualized Education Plan & make recommendations.
  • We empower and educate parents on their LEGAL rights in special education.
  • WE provide parent assistance in communicating with the school IEP team.
  • We help parents’ voices be HEARD by school IEP team.
  • We provide OPTIONS for parents struggling to obtain the service and support for their child(rent).
  • We empower parents with targeted strategies to teach children in homeschooling.
  • We offer educational services such as testing, assessments, and tutoring for your child.
  • We empower parents through workshops and events.

GIMO Consulting helps parents have peace of mind to navigate special education for their child.


GIMO Consulting offers high-quality, personalized tutoring services for children who are struggling with subjects in school, especially math and reading. Our tutors use evidence-based strategies to help students overcome academic challenges and achieve success. With GIMO’s tutoring services, parents can feel at ease knowing their child is receiving individualized attention and support from a trained professional. Let us help your child reach their full potential and relieve your stress as a parent. Our comprehensive list includes the following:

  • IEP Review & Recommendations
  • Standardized Testing
  • Lesson Planning
  • Educational Plan of Action
  • Tutoring
  • Curriculum Review
  • IEP Meeting Support
  • Training to Implement targeted teaching strategies
  • Advocacy Action Plan
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GIMO Consulting values providing personalized services based upon our clients' needs. As such consultations may vary and as a result all appointments are by appointment only. This allows GIMO Consulting to serve our clients' educational needs.

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